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Our Story

If you’re looking for a unique cycling tour, in an amazing location, that includes local and passionate food and wine experiences, Cycling Escape Sri Lanka is the right place. CES cycling tours are all of the above, and Cycling Escape Sri Lanka is most voluble greenness step in Green foot travel.

We aim to make your getaway not only paddle brilliant, fun and amazing, but easy for you. We make all the arrangements which are great if you have a group, making your plans and preparations stress free for individual and group tours.

Our cycling journeys ‘regulars’ through a mix of great organisation, genuine care for the rider experience, attention to detail, tour leaders and staff with personality and responsibility, and just down-right hard work. We providing cyclists care and personal attention beyond expectation. We love cycling and are passionate about providing rides packed with adventure, memorable touring experiences and social enjoyment. Some great friendships have been formed along the way and strong business relationships ensure that hotels and restaurants and other trusted activity partners.

We invite you to come along and enjoy the freedom of cycling, riding at your own pace and connecting with the people around you

The breathtaking island heeling with its proud history and pristine beaches, virgin rain forest and many more. The entire leaving bean depend on this balance environment. We should have fair clearness to protect this environment through our business we primes to encourage responsible holidays where we can do and what we can do.

Indeed, there are many ways to reduce your environmental impact when traveling – especially when you decide to travel on two wheels.

If you decide on to tour by bicycle, you will help to reduce to your carbon footprint, contribute to local economies and protect the destinations you visit for future travelers and people who live there. Bike touring allow you to see countryside, pristine beaches, valleys , forests and mountains you name it all from two wheels and independently of bus tours or car rentals.

Cycling Escape Sri Lanka responsible tourism ethos and values remain unchanged, with the focus being on community benefit and partnerships, conservation through tourism, minimizing carbon emission and preserving and respect local values and culture. We encourage our clients to print their footprint as a green. You’re able to experience destinations with no emissions and no barriers or limitations of car windows.