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Cycling and mountain biking In Sri Lanka is an excellent way to get pleasure and glimpse of all the nook and corner in small Teardrop Island. Our two wheel tours not to be paddling tours. Our Green foot cycling tours allow you to do great cycling and covering cultural heritage sits, mountains, valleys, tropical rain forest, inland lakes, reservoirs, paddy, Rubber plantation, and the magnificent hill country past tea estates and gushing waterfalls.

Furthermore learning and experience authentic culture and impending to a unique way of life and it dates backs to 2500 years. . They may then welcome you with a warm smile and a cool drink as you catch your breath. You may have challenge network of main roads and innumerable country roads, gravel paths, foot paths, cart tracks, dirt tracks and estate tracks can be added in your experience.

• Stay in commercial city of Colombo
• Galle’s ancient Dutch Fort
• Wander through the magnificent Sinharaja Rainforest
• Observe herds of wild elephants roaming freely at Uda Walawe
• Busk in the sun in Hikkaduwa

Arrival - Colombo


50kms and approximately 01 hour journey please note that visits, sightseeing and stops are not considered calculating the duration.

• We are at your service on arrival at the recently refurbished Modern and State of the art International Airport. Representative from Cycling escape Sri Lanka will meet & assist you at the airport. And transfer to Colombo.
• Check in to Hotel.
• After a long journey leisure and relax at Colombo.
• In the evening, enjoy some cocktails with you dedicated guide at the hotel as you get to know everyone else on the tour, followed by a wonderful dinner.

  • Colombo - Galle


    Cycling distance - Approx. 54 km (From Colombo to Galle) you will be transported a further 87kms to Galle via vehicle. Time – Approx.4 - 5 hours journey Please note that visits, sightseeing and stops are not include the time duration. Grading – Soft


    The fortifications of Galle were begun by the Portuguese in 1587 when they built the Black Fort as a lookout post, however it was not until the Dutch arrived in 1640 that the fort was considerably expanded and improved as imposing bastions were built and connected by thick rampart walls. In 1796 the British took control of this city and their rule marked the final chapter of almost four centuries of European domination which has resulted in the fascinating hybrid – architecturally, culturally and ethnically that Galle is today.

    • Galle - Sinharaja


      Cycling distance - Approx. 60 km (From Galle to Sinharaja) you will be transported a further 33kms to Sinharaja via vehicle.
      Time – Approx.3 - 4 hours journey Please note that visits, sightseeing and stops are not include the time duration.
      Grading – Moderate and hard

      • After your breakfast at your hotel and you will be cycle to Sinharaja.
      • Leisure and relax in your hotel.
      • Overnight stay at Sinharaja.

      • Sinharaja


        • After your breakfast at your hotel and you will be treking at Sinharaja.
        • Overnight stay at Sinharaja.

        Sinharaja Rain Forest

        Sinharaja is the world heritage virgin Rain forest in Sri Lanka. The Location of the Sinharaja Rain forest is in the south Western part of the island and spanning an area of 18900 acres. Sinharaja Forest reserve is also home to over 50% of Sri Lanka's endemic species of mammals and butterflies, as well as many kinds of insects, reptiles and rare amphibians. This lowland evergreen rain forest is steeped in deep legend. The word “Sinharaja” Name became as lion (Sinha) King (Raja) and according to famous folklore The Sinhala people origin from a princess and the lion king who once lived in the forest. Sinharaja is consisting in large proportion of the fauna and flora in this forest is endemic to the country. Some species are endemic to the Sinharaja Forest itself, especially birds.
        Sinharaja hosts to 95% endemic birds in Sri Lanka. Over 147 species have been recorded. This variety of species is possible because of the availability of specific habitats that range from 300 to 1500 meters. There are many endemic birds such as Ceylon Lorikeet, Layard’s Parakeet, Ceylon Jungle Fowl, Spur Fowl , Ceylon White-headed Starling , Ceylon Wood Pigeon, Grey Hornbill, Spotted-wing Thrush ,Rufous Babbler, Brown- capped Babbler, Ashy-headed Laughing Thrush , Ceylon Blue Magpie , White Headed Starling , Green-billed Coucal , Red-faced Malkoha, Ceylon Hill Mynah or Grackle and Legge’s Flower pecker are some of the endemic birds found at Sinharaja.
        The other large mammals that are found in Sinharaja are the, Somber, Fishing Cat, Rusty Spotted Cat, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Jackal and Wild Boar.

        • Sinharaja - Udawalawe - Hikkaduwa


          Cycling distance - Approx. 60 km (From Sinharaja to Udawalawe) you will be transported a further 167kms to Galle via vehicle.
          Time – Approx. 5- 6 hours journey Please note that visits, sightseeing and stops are not include the time duration.
          Grading – Moderate and hard

          • You will get up with fresh air and sounds of singing birds, and taste your breakfast and cycle to Udawalawe.
          • Visit Elephant Transit Home at Udawalawe.
          • Optional do an evening safari at Udawalawe National park.
          • Evening leisure and relax at Galle Fort after your long journey.
          • Overnight stay at Hikkaduwa.

          Elephant Transit Home at Udawalawe National Park

          Elephant is largest and an endangered spices in the world. Their survival and natural habits is threatened by various human activities. Recently human elephant conflict in increasing. Due to this case many elephants constantly being killed in the forest and number of baby elephants become orphaned or abandoned. The Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home is an Elephant orphanage located within the Udawalawe National Park. Established in 1995 by the Department of wildlife Conservation, it is home to over 40 orphaned elephants. The orphaned calves and juveniles of the park are brought into the orphanage and raised with necessary care until such time as they could be released to their habitat. Once they are released to the park, currently 31 destitute baby elephants are being looked after by the DWC. The Park authorities take upon themselves to keep constant track of the beasts till they get used to the new life in the wild. As at the year 2008, no less than sixty-five elephants had been released to the jungle.

          • Hikkaduwa - Colombo Airport


            155kms and approximately 02 - 03 hours journey please note that visits, sightseeing and stops are not including the time duration.

            • After your breakfast on the last day, you will be taken from the hotel to the Bandaranaike International Airport for your flight back home along with unforgettable memories and numerous stories to relate to your friends and family.